The seeds of NSWolves were planted by Jim Parkes who advertised a Wolves Supporters Club in British Soccer Weekly (an Australian publication). We'e a bit unsure of the actual date and can't ask dear old Jim as he's no longer with us. So if any early members can remember please let us know. We're assuming for the moment we kicked off in 1992 when my name went into the Supporters Club Section in British Soccer Weekly.

A monthly newsletter was started for the 1994/95 season and it states we had a membership of 7. This eventually grew to almost 60. Not sure of this highpoint as record keeping wasn't a strong point. The readership was spread all over Australia with every state represented. Our wings also spread overseas to NZ and Malaysia, one member each.


The newsletter was a cut and paste job first of all and helped greatly by Rod Griffin at Ballarat Uni who had very early access to some magic called the internet. The newsletter lasted for 13 seasons the last 3 seasons as a Lite version before the internet finally killed it off along with all those mainly wonderful fanzines.

Following on from the newsletter a video club featuring our games started later that season and ran for many years thanks mainly to Lee Morris who supplied the vast majority of them. Have to admit the video club was a pain in the arse. One season 30 videos were sent out and only 7 returned. If you were towards the end of the list you could just about give up all hope of it turning up.


Our first website was set up by Steve Dalton in 2003, apparently 1 day after he joined us!!! Steve also set up our group email which you can access by getting in touch via the Contact page on this website. The Facebook page started in 2007. For our latest website we'd like to thank Steve Millward.

In November 1994 we started having monthly midweek meetings. Firstly in the Henry Lawson bar of the Great Southern Hotel on George St in Sydney. Then up the road to The Crystal Palace in Feb 1996. Across the other side of Central Station to The Aurora in Aug 2002. After being asked to leave the Aurora because of the behaviour of some Merseyside fans in 2003 (see below) we moved just up the road to The Star and lastly to the Exhibition, the dates of the last move are lost in the mists of time.

The Aurora was the site of our highest ever attendance at a meeting. This was for the play-off final against Sheffield Utd when Steve Dalton used the magic of the internet to bring us live commentary of the game. It was also where the bogs got busted up and the only eyewitness was Codsall Jim. Jim has provided a photofit that you can see here.

Regular Summer and Winter meeting were held down The Rocks, first at The Australian then on the roof of The
Glenmore. Think we moved to The Glenmore as it had a TAB and Punter's Club members were getting too old to rush back and forth from The Australian putting bets on and sometime collecting winnings. These meetings involved all the family so maybe it was space plus increasing beer prices at The Australian that drove us down the road. The Glenmore was a locals pub back then and hadn't yet turned into a trendy joint where proper beer glasses couldn't be taken onto the roof bar.

Our monthly meetings have gone the way of the Dodo. We still meet up early in the year down the Exhibition and there are irregular meetings of Sydney residents for live games.

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